Data without context has no meaning. This statement is at the core of the digital humanities, a discipline that, in a moment of data overload, of fake news, can bring back a historical, humanist and critical perspective, bridging humanistic and statistical interpretations. Particularly in this time, in which data about COVID-19 seems to be everywhere and overwhelmingly generated in large volumes, DH approaches and tools can help us understand information about it. Quantitative evidence is crucial, but humanistic analysis and interpretation is indispensable to endow that data with meaning.

This project explores the socio-digital narrative behind this data from a humanistic and a bilingual perspective, bringing together a community of scholars and students from the University of Miami (USA) and CONICET (Argentina). We analyze data from growing crowdsourced resources and social media (Twitter), focusing on English and Spanish data, by means of DH qualitative and quantitative methods.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html