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Access our Twitter Collection

We are happy to finally launch the interface to download a collection of tweets related to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can choose a range date, an area (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Spain, Miami area), and language (only for the Miami area, in English and Spanish).

The texts are processed by removing accents, punctuations, mention of users (@users) to protect privacy, and replacing all links with “URL.” Emojis are transliterated into a UTF-8 charset and transformed into emojilabels. We also decided to unify all different spellings of Covid-19 under a unique form, and all other characteristics, including hashtags, are always preserved.

But there’s more! We have implemented a simple API to select your collection with no need to access to the interface.

The API entrance point is also here: and it serves to deliver the .txt files that you want.

There are three main variables for queries and each query is separated by an ‘&’: language, geolocalization, and date. Each query starts always with a “?” and is abbreviated as follows:

  • lang = es or en
  • geo = fl, ar, es, co, pe, ec, mx, all
  • date: month-year-day, {month}-year-month, {year}-year, or a range ‘ {from}-year-month-day-{to}-year-month-day’

Here are some examples:

  • Tweets in English, from Florida, on April 24th:
  • Tweets in Spanish, from Florida, on April 24th:
  • Tweets in Spanish, from Colombia, on May 17th:
  • All tweets in Spanish from Flroida:
  • Tweets from Argentina from April 24th to 28th:
  • All tweets from Spain during April:

Please, have fun! 😉

Remember: if the file is not generated already in the database, it will take some minutes to be generated.