Digital Narratives of COVID-19

This project explores the socio-digital narrative behind this data from a humanistic and a bilingual perspective, bringing together a community of scholars and students from the University of Miami (USA) and CONICET (Argentina). We analyze data from growing crowdsourced resources and social media (Twitter), focusing on English and Spanish data, by means of DH qualitative and quantitative methods.

Access our Twitter Corpus

We are about to launch a Twitter Corpus with all tweets searchable by words, dates, and country!
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Our dataset in GitHub gathers Tweets ID from April 25th through today. Learn how to download and hydrate them!
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Access our Application Program Interface to download a collection of tweets by date (from April 25th through today), by country.
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Read our collection of posts:

  • Reflections on quantified data: #ScholarStrike in the context of COVID-19
    Although the COVID-19 pandemic created a truly shared global context for the first time in years, it soon began to coexist with the local reality of each country. Twitter, as expected, was no stranger to this, and certain hashtags soon […]
  • Access our Twitter Collection
    We are happy to finally launch the interface to download a collection of tweets related to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can choose a range date, an area (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Spain, Miami area), and language (only for the […]
  • Frequency Analysis for South Florida (April – June)
    This post compares the top 30 most frequent words and the top 20 hashtags in our Twitter English and Spanish corpora of South Florida from April 25th to June 25th, 2020. We divided it into 2 four-week periods to analyze […]