Digital Narratives of COVID-19

A bilingual DH project in times of global pandemia

  • The Twitter Dataset for Digital Narratives
    At the end of April we started to get familiarized with the Twitter API and asking how to capture the public conversations that are happening in this social media network. We quickly understood we needed to focus on a plan […]
  • COVID-19 and Higher Ed. A Look From the Digital Humanities
    The 2020 opened with the news of a new disease. In a couple of weeks it became a global pandemic and we have all been concerned with this topic since then. Higher education is not exempt of it and in […]
  • Mining Twitter and Covid-19 datasets
    The only topic these days: the coronavirus, Covid-19, the pandemic, SARS, the crisis, disease, the enemy, the survival… We all are under the same global situation and we all are concerned by the many impacts and consequences that this event […]
  • Project resources
    Interested in knowing more or collaborating with our project? Our main platform is this WordPress site hosted at the UM where we will be posting resources on Covid-19 data, and documenting our work. All our data will be stored in […]
  • Hello, world
    Digital Humanities can help us understand data from a humanistic perspective, and this seems particularly true in this time, in which data about Covid-19 seems to be everywhere and overwhelmingly generated in large volumes. Data in a social, humanistic and […]