Digital Narratives of COVID-19

A bilingual DH project in times of global pandemic

  • Outbreak Topics: Topic modeling of COVID-19
    In this post, we will present another way to explore our dataset of tweets on Covid-19. We intend to detect emerging topics of interest for our study of the social narratives about the pandemic. For this, we will perform unsupervised […]
  • What can academic journals tell us about COVID-19 and Education?
    The Covid situation has put new terms into our everyday vocabulary, terms such as pandemic or infodemic. This last one, according to Wiktionary can be defined as: Blend of information +‎ epidemic Noun infodemic (plural infodemics) (informal) An excessive amount […]
  • Analyzing a Twitter Corpus with Voyant (I)
    The first step of working with data is to get to know your corpus. Our project, for instance, is most concerned with the linguistic and humanistic contexts in the Twitter discourses generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Some starting “get-to-know-you” questions […]
  • How to “hydrate” a TweetSet?
    Twitter public discourse is one of our project’s primary research concerns. Twitter’s rich data has also drawn more and more researchers from various disciplines and fields to explore different aspects of society. This blog post serves as a tutorial of […]
  • A Twitter Dataset for Digital Narratives
    At the end of April we started to get familiarized with the Twitter API and asking how to capture the public conversations that are happening in this social media network. We quickly understood we needed to focus on a plan […]