Digital Narratives of COVID-19

This project explores the socio-digital narrative behind this data from a humanistic and a bilingual perspective, bringing together a community of scholars and students from the University of Miami (USA) and CONICET (Argentina). We analyze data from growing crowdsourced resources and social media (Twitter), focusing on English and Spanish data, by means of DH qualitative and quantitative methods.

The COVID-19 Twitter Corpus

Access our COVID-19 Twitter Corpus and download tweets in plain text dates, language, and country.

The GitHub Repository

Visit our GitHub repository to download our datasets of Tweets ID from April 25th, 2020 through May 2021, as well as all our scripts to explore the COVID-19 corpus.

Customize & Download your Collection

Access our Application Program Interface to download a customized collection of tweets depending on your interests.

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  • How to run the script
    The is hosted in our GitHub repository of the Digital Narratives of Covid-19 project. In the main page of the repository,, there are two different buttons that allow to run a Binder environment: one of them launches the […]
  • Reflections on quantified data: #ScholarStrike in the context of COVID-19
    Although the COVID-19 pandemic created a truly shared global context for the first time in years, it soon began to coexist with the local reality of each country. Twitter, as expected, was no stranger to this, and certain hashtags soon […]
  • Access our Twitter Collection
    We are happy to finally launch the interface to download a collection of tweets related to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can choose a range date, an area (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Spain, Miami area), and language (only for the […]
  • Frequency Analysis for South Florida (April – June)
    This post compares the top 30 most frequent words and the top 20 hashtags in our Twitter English and Spanish corpora of South Florida from April 25th to June 25th, 2020. We divided it into 2 four-week periods to analyze […]
  • Outbreak Topics: Topic modeling of COVID-19
    In this post, we will present another way to explore our dataset of tweets on Covid-19. We intend to detect emerging topics of interest for our study of the social narratives about the pandemic. For this, we will perform unsupervised […]
  • What can academic journals tell us about COVID-19 and Education?
    The Covid situation has put new terms into our everyday vocabulary, terms such as pandemic or infodemic. This last one, according to Wiktionary can be defined as: Blend of information +‎ epidemic Noun infodemic (plural infodemics) (informal) An excessive amount […]
  • Analyzing a Twitter Corpus with Voyant (I)
    The first step of working with data is to get to know your corpus. Our project, for instance, is most concerned with the linguistic and humanistic contexts in the Twitter discourses generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Some starting “get-to-know-you” questions […]
  • How to “hydrate” a TweetSet?
    Twitter public discourse is one of our project’s primary research concerns. Twitter’s rich data has also drawn more and more researchers from various disciplines and fields to explore different aspects of society. This blog post serves as a tutorial of […]
  • A Twitter Dataset for Digital Narratives
    At the end of April we started to get familiarized with the Twitter API and asking how to capture the public conversations that are happening in this social media network. We quickly understood we needed to focus on a plan […]
  • COVID-19 and Higher Ed. A Look From the Digital Humanities
    The 2020 opened with the news of a new disease. In a couple of weeks it became a global pandemic and we have all been concerned with this topic since then. Higher education is not exempt of it and in […]
  • Mining Twitter and Covid-19 datasets
    The only topic these days: the coronavirus, Covid-19, the pandemic, SARS, the crisis, disease, the enemy, the survival… We all are under the same global situation and we all are concerned by the many impacts and consequences that this event […]
  • Project resources
    Interested in knowing more or collaborating with our project? Our main platform is this WordPress site hosted at the University of Miami where we will be posting resources on Covid-19 data, from a humanistic and linguistic perspective, and documenting our […]