Explore our data with Voyant Tools

Voyant is one of the most accessible web-based text analysis tools. It’d be the most useful for preliminary readings of our corpus to observe frequent words,

After downloading or customize your desired corpus in plaintext, you may upload it to Voyant to sense the overall highlights of the data through features including summary, cirrus, and links. These functions provide a snapshot of the most frequent words, phrases, wordcounts, and connections among texts in your corpus.

A wordcloud generated by Voyant using Colombia’s Spanish corpus on June 27, 2021
Textual content visualized by Voyant’s Links function using Colombia’s corpus on June 27, 2021

To get a closer look, Termsberry can visualize how and how frequently words are connected with each other.

For example, in the Colombia corpus on June 27, 2021, the word “colombia” appeared 180 times, in which it’s mentioned with “covid19” and “url” (links) the most often. We can also see “vacunacion,” “muertes,” “contagios” and Covid-19 related keywords here. You may adjust the amount of words and context appear in this TermsBerry to adjust your results.

The “Contexts” feature, additionally, is helpful to conduct preliminary concordance/contextual investigations of the corpus, where you can view which phrases tend to co-appear the most often. You can also input any desired word or phrase in the box on the bottom-left corner to view specific results.

Results generated by Voyant’s “Context” feature using Colombia’s corpus on June 27, 2021.

You may explore other Voyant’s functions by clicking the window-link icon on each panel’s top-right corner.

Check our blog post Analyzing a Twitter Corpus with Voyant to see an example.