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Digital Humanities can help us understand data from a humanistic perspective, and this seems particularly true in this time, in which data about Covid-19 seems to be everywhere and overwhelmingly generated in large volumes. Data in a social, humanistic and human context need to be critically analyzed. Digital Narratives of Covid-19 (DHCOVID) will explore during one year (May 2020-2021) the narratives behind the data about coronavirus pandemia in academic literature and social networks using quantitative and qualitative DH approaches.

DHCOVID is a bilingual project, it focuses on data in English and Spanish, and brings togethers scholars from the University of Miami (USA) and CONICET (Argentina). However, the project is open to collaboration and co-working with researchers from Digital Humanities or any discipline interested in Covid-19 data.

The project has been funded by the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Miami.

We will update this site with posts about our research and also disseminate the news on Twitter (#DHCOVID). Thanks for joining us!